“Run it back and you’ll agree/ My verse was better, but he still got more money than me”

Quick story behind this freestyle after the jump.

Skillz stopped by the BET.com HQ’s last week just to chop it up with me for a minute. When him and his man walked in, I was playing the G-Mix to Snoop’s ” I Wanna Rock.” Skillz hadn’t heard Jay’s verse yet. Beforeheand, a co-worker of mine by the name of Eric had deemed Hov’s verse a shot at Biggie.

I contested his argument by stating it was another form of homage- not disrespect. I still stand by that sentiment. Skillz heard the verse, more so the latter of it and deemed it the same as Eric. Skillz explained that if Hov and Biggie were so tight, why keep reiterating the same point about being rap’s royal ruler. Biggie’s gone, let the critics call it what it is.

I understood his point, but still felt it was homage. We all agreed the verse was pretty slick and even found some more double entrendres that we missed during the first couple of listens.

I suggested Skillz hop on the beat since everyone and their step child gave the instrumental a shot. At first, Skillz was reluctant in doing so. “Nah man, I ain’t doin that.”

But after explaining to him that it would be interesting to hear him cross a line or two like some say Hov did, he quickly changed his mind. “I want a line where people say, ‘Nah, he can’t say that.” Skillz got my drift and said “I’ll get it to you ASAP”

So, without further ado, here ya go. Enjoy!