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Thread: Broken Bones

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    Default Broken Bones

    there was a girl
    beaten; black and blue
    heart broken
    tears of blood
    nowhere to go
    nothing to live for
    she's not alone
    hating herself
    how did things get so out of control?
    knowing what has to be done
    she takes a breath
    he finds her
    she's down, that's the first hit
    more are coming
    she yells, please don't!
    he laughs
    crying, she whispers
    please don't kill the baby
    his eyes widen, he stops
    but he's not done
    he hates her
    she knows this, still crying
    the beating begins
    first kicks, then punches
    she knows it's too late
    the worst is over
    the child is gone
    she doesn't care anymore
    time goes by
    she doesn't feel pain anymore
    she knows it's over
    closed eyes, no more tears
    she's free
    gone from this world
    no regrets
    just dreams not dreamt.

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    what the hell is this and where is your spell check
    "One hand full of ****... does not equal a fist full of dollars!" -50 Cent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabulous View Post
    what the hell is this and where is your spell check

    its called a poem fool........ grammar is not an issue in an artists' work
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