Rappers Sugar Hill Gang are at work on their first album on new material since 1999`s `Jump On It`.

Original members Hendogg, Wondermike and Master Gee are back in the studio and have been talking to Dizzee Rascal about a guest spot on the album.

Dizzee met the Sugar Hill Gang joined him on stage in London recently.

The album should be released in early 2009.

Sugar Hill Gang are best known for the 1979 hit `Rapper`s Delight`. Some claim that it was the first hip-hop single ever.

The song samples Chic`s bassline in `Good Times`. Chic`s Nile Rodgers sued, won and now owns part of the song.

Sugar Hill Gang have only released three albums. They were `Sugar Hill Hang` (1980), `8th Wonder` (1982) and `Jump On It` (1999).