@realDJkayslay expressed his feelings about @JayElectronica’s “When NY niggas was callin southern rappers lame but then jackin our slang”. Apparently the Drama King found out Jay Man’s visit to Hot 97 and being asked about the line misconstrued to be jabbing at NY.

I entered the live broadcast chatroom to check out C.N.N. on Streetsweeper Radio, just as I logged on, someone brought up Jay Electronica which led to Kay Slay putting his 2 cents in and the discussion began between he and I about what he perceived as a diss from Jay Electronica. I typed and Slay responded back over UStream. excuse the audio, it got botched as I was saving it but this is what Slay had to say.


In a nutshell, Kay Slay basically said he has no beef with Jay Elec and thinks he’s has skills as an emcee but felt the lines were disrespectful to the NY Hip-Hop scene. They don’t call him The Drama King for nothin.

Jay Electronica Clarifies “NY Niggas Calling Southern Rappers Lame”