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    Watch out Superhead… There is a new groupie ho exposing all the freaks of the industry — except this one has zero pretense of intelligence or class, she’s a bottom feeding gutter ho who likes preying on celebs via twitter then blogging about them if they’re not nice to her when she finishes jizz-guzzling… Plenty fu*kery on the flipside.

    Here are just a few excerpts from @KatStacks blog

    On Bow Wow:

    After the Police took my Baby’s father in custody a week before I gave birth, I couldn’t take the stress anymore so I found a new way to keep my mind clear from my crazy life and it was with Twitter. I set up an account on December 2009, and days later I had @BowWow614 (new username @BowWow) following me. We exchanged numbers through Direct Messages and made plans to go over his house sense I live down the street from him… Meeting him actually brought me back a smile to my face after a horrible year of spending 4 months in jail pregnant and loosing everything I once owned. I was a bit insecure and nervous before I went over to his condo, I had recently given birth and my stomach wasn’t as flat as it use to be plus I had an ankle monitor so I couldn’t wear heels instead I wore boots to hide it so he wouldn’t get scared. When he first opened the door he was only wearing a brown towel wrapped around his waist which ment there was no talking involved just straight to bussiness…The only person I’ve ever gave head without a condom was my Babys father for 5 years but I wanted to make an impression with Bow Wow so he will call me back so I decided to go through with it. I kept licking and sucking him like there was no tomorrow, but no matter how many tricks I did with my toungue he still wouldn’t cum not even after 30 mins… I wanted to jump on top and ride him but I couldn’t have sex with him because it had only been 3 weeks sense I had gave birth… An hour & a half later finally his legs started shaking and I swallowed his cum. This was new to me also, I always spit when I sucked off my Babys Father and I hated the taste… He was a gentelman and very sweet to my surprise.

    Kat Stacks On Jae Millz:

    Jae Millz lives in a dirty small apartment in Downtown, he’s the only one that can fit in his own tiny bed. He has a bunch of roomates and one including Gudda Gudda. He has a sex addiction and isn’t satisfied unless he c*ms 3 times in a row. I only had sex with him one time when I was SUPER wasted from the Grey Goose he had in his crib, the other times I just brought another girl over for him to fu*k instead.

    Kat Stacks On Lil Twist:

    This lil di*k ni**a Lil Twist blew up my phone yesterday to go see him, he knew I didn’t have a ride so he payed for my taxi. We chilled, drank and fu*ked (which I faked every moan). When we were done he had the nerve to leave me stranded in Downtown wasted !! So of course I flipped !!

    Kat Stack Supporter Says Weezy Likes Threezy’s With Escorts:

    Ever sense my blog aired other girls are encouraged of exposing their stories with Celebrities, this one includes Lil Wayne president of Young Money aka (Roomates) calling Escorts to satisfy his sexual needs and having 3 somes.

    Here is Jessicas story:

    Jessica: Well the way I even got into contact with him was that he called my girlfriends Eros Advertisement (Escort Service) so she went and saw him, after that I asked her to go also. She didnt wanna go so I went instead.
    The second time He was kinda in a rush because he was texted me earlier in the day to come maybe around 1 or so and I didnt get over there till about 5. Anyways the sex was really good actually, hes very affectionate.
    The 3rd time I was at club Play…after the club we all meet up at the studio. We drink smoke and then his P.A take me and my girlfriend went to his condo on the Beach. We all just go to the bedroom. we just get straight to giving him head, he loves when two girls do it at the same time lol then he grabs a condom and we start first, doggy first. He kisses my back the whole time. He’s very sweet and passionate. We go for like 5 minutes or so. then he changes the condom and it was my friends turn…

    Now I believe Jessicas story because this is not the first time Lil Wayne hires escorts, he has also hired a few of my friends who wish to remain unidentified.

    Kat Stacks Supporter Says Cassidy Gave Her HIV:

    The girl’s name is Stephanie and here is what she had to say:

    I have some important information about the rapper Cassidy that girls need to know. I met cassidy some time last summer at a concert he was doing in Philly. After the concert he invited me and my friends to play pool with him and his friends then we chilled at one of his homeboys house. The pictures are from this day we met. He wasnt anything less then a gentlemen that day so we exchanged numbers. We talked for a few months and saw each other when ever we could. It was usually at my apartment in Philly. A couple times I drove up and we met at a hotel in Hacknsack NJ. I was never able to go to his house because his babys mother and kids were there. The very 1st time we had sex he didn’t want to use a condom but I insisted. After a while we built up trust and he convinced me not to use one. The BIGGEST mistake of my life. I learned I contacted HIV from him.

    When I confronted him about it he denied it but could not hide that he seemed very worreid and admitted to having unprotected sex with other girls he said they were clean. I found out later to from a friend of mine who knows a philly stripper named Porsha that he has unprotect sex with strippers and video hoes on a REGULAR BASES. Well that was the last time I spoke to him ofcourse. I am the biggest IDIOT in the world for trusting and believeing this dirty lying a*s hole. I KNOW it was from Cassidy he is the only one i had sex with near the time and the ONLY one I did not use a condom with.

    For those who checked the image please note the woman making these claims about Cassidy uses the email address Sexxibimamita. Classy right? So far nearly all of the celebrities mentioned have denied involvement with Kat Stacks and while Cassidy has yet to comment, sources in his camp say this rumor is not true

    Superhead Jr. Please Wipe The Nut Off Your Chin Before Blogging!!! Groupie Ho Publishes Email Saying Cassidy Is A HIV-er Giver!!! |
    "One hand full of ****... does not equal a fist full of dollars!" -50 Cent

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    Unhappy CASSIDY


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    i went to this hoe blog and she on some other **** for real... trying to kill herself, getting kidnapped and she just another basic bitch sleepy with a bunch of people and thinking that people still give a damn about theses celebs
    Lead Yourself ~Wasalu Jaco~

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    I won't be f'in no broads he has sex with

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    Quote Originally Posted by Top shelf View Post
    I won't be f'in no broads he has sex with

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