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Thread: Yelawolf Signs To Interscope

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    Default Yelawolf Signs To Interscope

    A big birdie tells me that Yelawolf has officially signed to Interscope Records. Again, buzz+climate created a bidding war, but it seems Jimmy Iovine was highly motivated. Congrats to the Alabaman! Now usually I just pretend to be interested in people, but I’m honestly intrigued by this fellow (and I enjoy his Zannel). Fans who were introduced to Yelawolf’s twang on Juelz Santana’s “Mixing up the Medicine” may need to ease into his unfiltered solo work, but I like his southern-comfort-in-his-own-skin. It’s definitely attracted some vets (Bun B, Travis Barker, the Neptunes, Raekwon etc), not to mention, everyone who saw Yelawolf at the Nahright x Smoking Section SxSW show left raving as well. So that’s no small feat.

    Plus, when Atrak and I met him at the FnF party in LA, he was kooky but supernice. How can you not like a guy who cites 10,000 Maniacs as an influence, and describes his music as “grimy, box-Chevy, dope-boy, working-class music.”

    I expect this new Interscope deal will add more fuel to those overanxious Eminem comparisons. (”If I’m ever in the same room with [Em], I definitely would holla… I’m sure in the near future we’ll cross paths.”-Yela in Vibe)…and maybe one day lead to carefully orchestrated collaboration. Corporate synergy!

    (**Was Yela the last holdout of the current crop of buzzing newscomers? I guess Jay Electronica could sort of count as another holdout. He has a deal with Decon, but I believe it’s a one-off?**) MissInfo Exclusive: Yelawolf signs to Interscope…(Yela, brace yourself for more Eminem questions)

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    that nicca **** is str8 , better then the niccas thats getting deals 2day
    "my Glock hole bigger than Nicki Minaj camel toe"-Rick Ross

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