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Thread: BigFase100 Blogs About His 'Disloyal' Lil Brother

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    Default BigFase100 Blogs About His 'Disloyal' Lil Brother

    BigFase100 wrote the following:

    "...Now I 2 give you what u want....

    As everybody knows me and my lil brother "The Game" had a big fallout a few years ago. Well, in all that i always hoped that he would "wake up" and "come around"... So.. In January of this year (2 days before my birthday), he came knocking on my door. I was very accepting of him and we ended up spending a few hours talking and laughing about a few thing, old and new.

    I was happy he was there, but in the back of my head I couldnt help but feel like this could just be a promo stunt for his upcoming album.

    After this visit I got 1 invitation to the studio and went to check out the stuff he had been working on for LAX. Nothing bad happened but after that night I didnt see or hear from him anymore, and it became more evident that the visit to Brazil street buwas a promo stunt when I heard lyrics like..."tell the hood im back gimmie a corner let me serve".

    I sent several emails just to try to keep in contact, but minimal responses became no response. The next time I saw Jayceon was at my cousin Shannons funeral.

    I was surprised to see him there because I had gotten word that the family had asked him for help with the burial and the end result was him changing his phone instead of just saying NO. I was surprised for the second time when he took a seat behind me and my dad at the funeral. But my biggest surprise came when "The Game" took to the microphone during the "comments" session of the service. He spoke about family and family values as if he wasnt the same dude who threw his dad and sister under the bus to sell records, or the same dude who left me for dead after the money started coming in. The minister asked that the comments be 2 minutes or less but I guess since he was a rap star he felt that the time limit didnt apply to him.Which im sure upset Shannons immediate family.

    So after the parting view, I stood outside alone with my foot up against the wall. I saw my cousin approach him and then almost immediately I saw them square off. Then the brawl started. I saw it coming but not at Shannons funeral service. I ended up doing what I could to break it up, I even walked Jayceon to his car and used myself as a shield because 3 or 4 dudes seemed to be holding guns. In the end result of all this drama, The Game accused me of being part of the plot. In my defense,I sent him an email letting him know that I had nothing to do with the situation and trying to remind that I helped break it up. but his response to that was nonchalant. In my last email, I told him to go ahead and blame me and use it as an excuse for leaving me for dead as he has.

    So for everyone who thinks we are back ON and im BWS.


    My lil brother cant be who he is if im around. Its like if you tell a story thats partially a lie and then the person that was really a big part of the true story walks in the room. You cant keep on with your story! He has lied to the world and I am the truth that will shame him. I would try to keep me quiet too. but never get it twisted.. I love my brother. but when they dont love back, You just have to love them from long distance.

    oh and... P.S. lol

    I just saw the video for "Malone" by Glasses Malone. This is another example of disloyalty. no need to go into it right now cus most of u still dont even know who he is but.. I DO NOT endorse Glasses Malone. I admit, Though I did believe in him once. good luck dude ... idk"
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    Default Re: BigFase100 Blogs About His 'Disloyal' Lil Brother

    this is like a damn week they're good, the next they fall out...
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