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Thread: Breaking News: Black Moon's Buckshot Hospitalized

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    Default Breaking News: Black Moon's Buckshot Hospitalized

    Author: Jake PaineBuckshot [click to read] of legendary Brooklyn trio Black Moon was hospitalized upon returning from touring in Europe. The emcee and co-founder of Duck Down Records was undergoing a series of seizures, according to a statement from the label.
    Due to this emergency hospitalization, the New York reunion concert and performance of seminal album Enta Da Stage [click to read] has been rescheduled to November 11.
    "While of course we are disappointed to have to reschedule a sold out show obviously nothing takes precedent over Buckshot's health. If he could walk out of that hospital on his own right now I know he would have been on that stage. He was truly looking forward to this night," said Duck Down CEO Dru Ha.
    Earlier this year, Buckshot released his third solo album, produced entirely by 9th Wonder, The Formula [click to read].
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    Default Re: Breaking News: Black Moon's Buckshot Hospitalized

    let me find out Sarachi Sauce stepping up to the plate in Ironstreets absence and starting threads :happy002:
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