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Thread: Lmao @ NahRight goin in on T.I

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    Default Lmao @ NahRight goin in on T.I

    jacked from SOHH and AHH

    T.I = The Incriminator

    T.I = Tattling Inmate

    T.I = Talkative to Inqisitors

    T.I.P = Twat In Prison

    T.I.P = Telling? Its Possible

    T.I.P = The Information Provider

    T.I.P - Tiny’s Informant Pal

    T.I.P = This Is Proof

    TI = Talking Indiscriminately

    T.I. = Told It

    T.I. = Trades Information

    T.I.P = Taking In Prisoners ft Rick Ross

    T.I - I’m Back [With More Info, Sir]

    T.I.P. = Telling Is Priority

    T.I - What You Wanna Know Bout That

    T.I aka Grand Jury Records

    T.I - Watch What You Say to Me (because it will go straight to the DA)

    T.R.A.P. = Talks To Recorders And Prosecutors

    T.I - (I’ll Tell U) Whatever U Like

    Dirty Money ft. Rick Ross & TI - Hello, Good Morning (Officer, How Can I Help You?)

    T.I - ASAP (I'ma Snitch)

    T. I - Why U Mad At Me (I Ain’t Trying To Get Life)

    T.I - “Snitches Like Us”

    T.I. - Watch What You Say To Me (I’m wearing a wire)

    T.I: Why You Wanna Keep That A Secret

    T.I.- Bring Em Out - So I can Identify The Right One.

    TI featuring Rick Ross - “**** The Police ?!?”

    T.I.P: The Important Prosecutor

    T.I. - Front Back Side To Side (I Looked At Him From All Angles Your Honor, Yep That’s Him)

    T.I ft BoB- Nothin On You (But Wait Till I Get Some Finger Prints)

    “He was sitting on 24’s your Honor”

    T.I. - Slide Show (Yeah, I think that’s him Officer)

    TI - “Doin My Job (And The Investigators Job As Well)”

    T.I. ft Dro - “Shoulder Lean” (When I’m Eavesdropping)

    T.I ft Rihanna - Live your life (Behind Bars Niqqa!)

    T.I. - Wire Tap Muzik

    T.I - Swing Ya Rag (So That I Can Identify You)

    Kanye West - Can’t Tell Me Nothing (not feat T.I.)

    TI, R.Kelly and JayZ - “Guilty Until Proven Innocent, thanks to TI “

    T.I. = (pull the) “Top Back” (so I can get a better look at his face, please)

    T.I.- I’m serious (I’ll tell on your ass Niqqa)

    T.I. featuring JayZ and BunB - “Big Snitchin”

    T.I. and Rick Ross Album - Distant Co-Workers

    AKOO = A King Of Officers

    T.I ft Wyclef: 911 (i called them already)

    P$C - Police Soliciting Confessions

    T.I. = Talks Instantly

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    LOL@wire tap musik

    D-Town hip hop at its finest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Top shelf View Post
    T.I. = (pull the) “Top Back” (so I can get a better look at his face, please)

    :smilies1: funny! but these folks aint got ish better to do lol
    Do not bark up this tree,....this tree will fall on you..

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