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Thread: As days go by in Hip-Hop,(poem)

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    Default As days go by in Hip-Hop,(poem)

    First album I listened to was Snoop Dog and the Doggy style,
    Years before Mp3, Napster, locked up in some zip file,
    Snoop, Dr. Dre, Nate, and that fucking annoying G Child,
    Years went on and the Westside seemed to become more wild,
    Notoriously noticed LIFE AFTER DEATH was not what is was meant to be,
    Seemed like my first grade teacher, way back, just lied to me,
    Pac told me to watch out for bullets and the STD,
    The rap I remember told me stories of life, honor, and jealousy,
    There was a history around me that I didn’t know,
    Racial tendencies around me before Black Robs WHOA,
    I was never like G,
    Never like a thug,
    Just a little kid wishing the world good salutation,
    Then Ms. Hill told me about the Miseducation,
    Learned about eugenics before the emancipation of proclamation,
    Found it odd that blacks, wearing colors on their color, seemed to hate one another,
    They lived the 36 Chambers and gave death to each brother,
    Some forget that Whites are also our brother’s too,
    When House of Pain jumped, don’t lie, so did you,
    There is no race - just one - only the humanity culture,
    But men devour reasoning like a sickly hungry vulture,
    Talib reminded us ‘Just to Get By’, smile, and help the Earth,
    Seems confusing, so many roads that Kris Kross and new problems give birth,
    Day by Day, waiting for the ‘First of the Month’, before I hit the ‘Crossroads’,
    Bones or thugs, indeed, we all become bones in the end,
    In the end,
    Is it the end?
    If you think like Jadakiss you start asking ‘Why’,
    Then you throw back some Method and Red Man laughing about ‘How High’,
    Hip Hop of today breaks my heart that’s why Jay Z is telling me to ‘Cry’,
    I surprisingly saw N’Sync on BET seemingly to tell Hip Hop, ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’,
    As days go by,
    And the days do go by,
    Thanks for the memories Hip Hop,
    You’ll be missed.


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    good shyt breh

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    Lead Yourself ~Wasalu Jaco~

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