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Thread: Beanie Sigel Denies Having Religious Breakdown

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    Default Beanie Sigel Denies Having Religious Breakdown

    Author: ------

    Yesterday, rapper Beanie Sigel laid to rest rumors that he recently suffered a “religious breakdown.”

    The State Property front man was scheduled to speak to the Ricky Smiley Morning Show about his participation in the Urban Youth Racing School Celebrity race that took place in early September in his hometown of Philadelphia [click to read]. However, the interview was rescheduled due to traveling issues with Sigel and his family.

    Because of an error in communication, a show co-host initiated the interview by asking the Def Jam artist about his alleged religious breakdown.

    Beans cleared the misinformation, stating, “Whatever that is…I did not have a ‘religious breakdown.’ I was traveling back from a religious event that my family and I attended yesterday.”

    Beanie Sigel is currently working on new music for his forthcoming LP.

    Reported by Salima Koroma.
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    Default Re: Beanie Sigel Denies Having Religious Breakdown

    DX surely knows how to make a news article out of nothing.
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