Author: Omar Burgess

G.O.O.D. Music's latest addition, Kid Cudi, recently spoke to about contributing to Kanye West's 808's And Heartbreak, his upcoming album and how it feels to be a part of West's label. In addition to his solo offering, due in early 2009, the Cleveland native can be found on at least two songs on the West's upcoming album.

"It was dope, helping him brainstorm and all that stuff," says Cudi, who often refers to himself as "The Man on the Moon." "It's like being in the studio with myself 10 years from now. The energy is intense and it feels dope that someone like him gets my vision."

Early reports describe 808's And Heartbreak as an album that relies heavily upon singing and Antares' Auto-Tune technology. While Kid Cudi didn't necessarily deny the rumors, he says singing sometimes has its merits.

"When Iím saying it or listening to it or singiní it back, it just feels good, rather than just saying a rap," says Cudi. "It sounds a whole lot more interestingÖit doesnít sound so dry. It brings a lot of my character out. Iím a real feel-good type person. And I feel like I have a real good spirit in me. I feel like I can portray that through the melody."

West has yet to give a specific date for 808's And Heartbreak, only stating, "I changed my album to November something 'cause i finished the album and I felt like it [click to read]." Kid Cudi previously released a mixtape in conjunction with the streetwear clothing company 10 Deep. Free downloads are available at the 10 Deep website.
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