NEW YORK, May 26 -- This year marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most popular video games of all time, PAC-MAN. To celebrate this major milestone, the maker of the video game, Bandai Namco has joined forces with Rocawear, the apparel company owned by the world's biggest and most popular hip-hop mogul, JAY-Z.

This collaboration between Bandai Namco and Rocawear includes:

PAC-MAN being part of Rocawear's mobile, 18-wheeler Pop-Up shop. The Roc Pop-Up Shop will have various Bandai Namco games including PAC-MAN which will be able to be played by visitors to the truck. Limited edition PAC-MAN /Rocawear tees will also be sold on the truck.

The Roc Pop-Up truck will be making the following stops this summer:

June 4th 93.7 Hot Jam Hartford, CT

June 5th 94.5 Summer Jam featuring Drake and Trey Songz Mansfield, MA

June 6th Hot 97 Summer Jam Secaucus, NJ

June 10th-13th Bonnaroo featuring Jay-Z Manchester, TN

PAC-MAN will also have its own channel on the Roc4Life website (Roc4Life - Connecting The Life You Roc: News, Fashion, Culture, Rocawear) and throughout Roc4Life’s social media properties, which will feature various PAC-MAN 30th anniversary projects, interviews, etc. will be featured.

Last week Friday Google also paid homage to the anniversary of Pac Man which people spent 4.8 million hours paying the game which is always and will be addictive. In any event, the game will forever be available on