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Thread: Saigon Talks Second Album Before Releasing The First

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    Default Saigon Talks Second Album Before Releasing The First

    Author: Edwin Ortiz

    As months go by without a label or release date in sight for The Greatest Story Never Told, Saigonís buzz has been in a prolonged stalemate.

    Acknowledging this conflict, Saigon updated fans and supporters on Monday about current ventures through his MySpace blog, including information regarding his second album. ďWhatís up yaíll. Itís the Almighty Yardfather checking in. Iím sorry I havenít been on the scene lately, Iím busy working on my second album titled 'Thank God' even though the first one has never come outÖ [I] Gotta stay working Homie.Ē

    Besides work on his next album, Saigon also explained that heís open for features on artistís songs, whether it be a signed act or an aspiring teenager on MySpace.

    ďI get about 1000 messages a day asking about how much I charge for features or collabos so I figured Iíd answer everybody at once.... Well, it all depends how dope the artist is, the better you are, the lower the price straight up. Hit us up at 516-554-6183 or if you wanna spend more hit up Violator Management and leave your information... Iíll get right back to you.Ē

    Though Saigon poses an offer that many canít refuse, he made sure a very prudent point was established before everyone began inquiring on the topic. ďIf youíre wack, donít even bother cause I donít associate with wackness at all. I donít give a **** how much money you got....But if you got some heat, send the track and Iíll send it back to you with those flavor crystals on it.Ē
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    Default Re: Saigon Talks Second Album Before Releasing The First

    Saigon = the next Cormega....everbody swear they're nice but their careers equal a whole lot of nothing
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