zSHARE - Lil Wayne_s Light Up Verse.mp3

Hate is temporary, love is necessary
I went from eating ***** to eating commissary
Damn, I'm addicted i need therapy
You can buy the answers but you can't afford to question me
1st off I don't need you 2nd guessing me
Jail is like 3rd base I'm coming home eventually
Still got shooters, like hot tubs
Man I'm anemic, still got Bloods
I'm in my cell, reading fan mail
Wish I was in Amsterdam sipping Amstel
Thinking about all of that ***** I can't smell
Man they did me wrong I feel like Nelson Mandel
Uhh, I shine too hard, my lamp fell
But my name still under Alexander Graham Bell
I know you met damn cuz you know damn well
That I still got you open, open like a calm shell
Yeah, still fly on my Hawk ****
My conversation stinks, cuz I talk ****
Stay in ya lane, you on that double park ****
We eating at the top getting spooned in a forklift
I got rap, wrapped up like a gift
I'll plea sober if it were a fifth
I feel like Elvis, jailhouse rock
I'm not Tupac, I'm a new Pac
Behind bars but the bars don't stop
Recording over the phone I hope the call don't drop
Drizzy got the ball and I know the ball won't drop
And I pray none of my kids ever wanna be cops
Young Money get em, Young Money got em
The boss got his feet up, vacating on a island
Yeah and tell ya girl shoot a kite up
And even if you don't smoke mutha****er you gonna have to light up