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Thread: DJ Babu Taps MF Doom, M.O.P., Bishop Lamont and more for "Duck Season 3"

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    Default DJ Babu Taps MF Doom, M.O.P., Bishop Lamont and more for "Duck Season 3"

    A world-famous DJ with active memberships in Dilated Peoples and Beat Junkies among his most notable accomplishments, DJ Babu has made a noteworthy evolution. The Los Angeles-based turntablist also stands as one of underground rapís fastest-rising producers.

    Waiting almost five years after the release of the previous Duck Season installments, DJ BABU has been carefully crafting the final saga in his highly acclaimed hip-hop trilogy. What started out for Babu as a DJ compilation, the Duck Season series has come full circle to become a production showcase for the legendary turntablist; not to mention, his finest work to date.

    ďIt started out as a mixtape that featured some of my favorite tracks,Ē explains DJ Babu. ďNow it has fully evolved into a platform of my own production. The album is still presented in the classic Beat Junkie mixtape style, but thatís just a clever way for me to disguise my LP.Ē Indeed, working with Dilated Peoples aided DJ Babu in his evolution as a producer. Throughout the trioís four albums, DJ Babu was steadily gaining knowledge and insight on how to craft meaningful and memorable soundbeds. Now, he has combined his far-reaching creative abilities into one project, the rock-solid Duck Season 3.

    This evolution from DJ to producer is on full display throughout DJ Babuís sonically superior Duck Season 3. The fast-moving collection showcases all of Babuís quickly expanding talents, from mixing, juggling, blending and scratching -- as well as producing. Entirely produced by Babu, the line-up on Duck Season 3 reads like a hip-hopís whoís who. While Babu includes many familiar faces like M.O.P., MF DOOM, Dilated Peoples and Sean Price, he also plants his ear to the streets, recruiting some of todayís hottest new talent like Bishop Lamont and Termanology.

    A West Coast veteran in his own right, Babu has achieved a sound that canít be labeled by region or style. This album could be equally appreciated in the Bronx, Compton or anywhere in between. Duck Season 3 is a treat for all the true B-Boyís out there and a testament to the fact that hip-hopís golden era is alive and well and as Babu concludes the vine between the golden era and today is still deeply rooted ďallot of the DJs that I looked up to became great producers, from Dr. Dre to DJ Premier to Pete Rock. In a lot of ways, Iím trying to carry that same torch, where hip-hop is still rooted within DJing and records.Ē - Matt Conaway

    Tracklisting and credits for DJ Babuís Duck Season 3:

    1. DS3 Intro f/ Dilated Peoples
    2. Dearly Departed f/ M.O.P.
    3. Fan Mail f/ Little Brother, Joe Scudda, & D-Brock
    4. The Unexpected f/ MF DOOM & Sean Price
    5. Frozen f/ Guilty Simpson
    6. East West Connection f/ A.G.
    7. My Opinion f/ Bishop Lamont
    8. 2 Feet f/ Kardinal Offishall & Rakaa Iriscience
    9. Black & Brown Army f/ Chace Infinite & Sick Jacken
    10. Graveyardshiftin f/ Cali Agents & Roc Marciano
    11. For Whatever It's Worth f/ Evidence
    12. It's A New Day f/ M.E.D.
    13. O.G. f/ Strong Arm Steady
    14. Guns Gon' Blow f/ Termanology
    15. That Ain't Gangsta f/ Likwit Junkies
    16. Meant To Be f/ Roc C. & Oh No
    17. SBX2LAX2OX f/ Wildchild & Percee P
    18. Ahead Of My Time f/ Niko

    by mistapizzo

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    Default Re: DJ Babu Taps MF Doom, M.O.P., Bishop Lamont and more for "Duck Season 3"

    Good ****

    What the **** did 50 do wit M.O.P????

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