Compton rapper The Game was supposed to dropping his new album June 2010 but the buzz on Drake was so hot that it got pushed back!!! June is THE MONTH for album releases capturing the start of the summer when all the kids in highschool and college get a break and they will decide what will the thing for this year!!! Game pushed his project to August to catch the Fall return!!!

SERIOUSLY!! i thought Game was such a tough guy. The lined up the best of the best in producers for this Game project. DR DRE, TIMBALAND, THE NEPTUNES..

with guest spots by T.I, Justin Timberlake, and Lil Wayne

how many niggas got all 3 of those top tier producers and all those A listers on the same album?? the budget for his Red album mustve been to music what Avatar was to movies!!!

The R.E.D. Album - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

but he afraid to get clobbered by Al B Sure.. uh Drake!! sad day aint it!!!! But i guess he viewed the lesson when 50 tried to take on Kanye and got embarrased.. LOL