Several weeks ago Luke's daughter went on the internet and blasted her father about him being a deadbeat and now he doesnt even claim here along with his other children except for one. Luke told Nnette of Houston’s 97.9 The Box last week, that he only has one child and the rest are just sperm donations:

“I have one kid. His name is Blake Campbell and he stays with me and me and my wife raise him… It’s important to practice safe sex and it’s important to not have sex without condoms because you’ll be sperm donating and when you sperm donate to angry mothers then unfortunately it’s about a check. When you get a check, the results of that check ends up where your sperm donation kids are online talking bad about you after you spent millions and millions dollars in child support“

Thats f'd up to say to your kids especially since they were seen on tv with you and you claimed them.