Growing up in Texas there were alot of Geto Boys releases floating around that were presumably demos or indy releases. Not unlike: there were always subtle and not so subtle differences from the "Official" release. Like the above post, I remember 4 distinct versions of "Gangster of Love" the first version with the actual Steve Miller Sample, another with that sample, but different lyrics, the Sweet home alabama version (which sucks on wheels) and the g-g-g-g-geto-g-g-geto boys version that includes a thinly veiled original sample.

To my surprise, and now living on the West Coast 20 years later I ran across a "Grip it on that Other Level" CD at a yard sale for fifty cents
forgot how great that album is. It prompted me to add "High Cappin" to the urban dictionary (which still hasn't been approved). So while I'm doing that I was going to use "Talkin aloud.." as the example. I didn't have the CD handy and wanted to get the lyric exact, so I downloaded a copy but the song was different. I double checked it was the correct album, and got another copy somewhere else Same thing. So I decided to do a lyric search instead, and all instances on any of the lyric sites were this version as well.

The version everyone else seems to have has the first verse of Talkin Loud as:

[ Bushwick ]
Say D and Ak, those muthafuckas are down there at the mall protestin aginst us, man
[ Willie D ]
[ Scarface ]
Man, you bullshittin, man
[ Bushwick ]
Yo, this's on the deuce, **** the one
I bullshit you not, my *****
I walked in there, seen muthafuckin picket signs and ****
Sayin 'ban the Geto Boys', we're a bad influence on their kids
How the **** they gon' do that?
I'm about two shakes of a rattlesnake tail off they ass
[ Willie D ]
It's time to get dead on they ass...

Then Bushwick starts with the Parent's verse.

The copy I have doesn't have d and bill at the first at all Akshen starts with this verse:

Livin your life like a big shot you're not.
Braggin and Braggin about the money you got
See you're the type of ***** that's played for a sucka(?)
Broker than a muthafucka bitch stop the frontin
Walkin around High Cappin like a jerk
You and that big eyed bitch in the mini skirt
Don't look around like you haven't the clue
Little Nasty ass freak. **** You!

According to Google, my version doesn't exist at all

I'm out the door to catch a flight to Utah, but when I get to the Hotel i'll up my version of the CD to the Circuit. In the meantime does anyone have any insight as to the different versions of this release. The sleeve is the same except where the inside picture normally is, it's just an empty yellow box with "From Left to right DJ Ready Red, Akshen, Willie Dee, Bushwick Bill" written somethings funky bout it... a pre release maybe?