2 months ago the WeWantLasers Petition was started and over 28k people signed it so far but the only reaction we got from Atlantic Records was a tweet saying "Lasers is coming" and that's not enough!

If you think the petition would be the only thing we'd be doing to get this album released - you're wrong! On October 15th, Lupe Fiasco fans will gather in New York City to protest in front of the Atlantic Records Headquarters!

So if you're in New York or close - be there! Wear the Lasers Uniform (Black T-Shirt; Black Shoes Or Boots; Black Shades; Camouflage Pants)and bring picket signs! - If you have friends in New York - tell them about it!

And for all people who aren't able to be there, spread the word online! (Twitter / Facebook, Blogs etc.) or if there's an Atlantic Records building in your city, you can go there, too.

For more info's, the exact location & time check/join THIS Facebook group!
(also check the RSVP Page!)

via lupE.N.D.