Wayne says he's putting out Tha Carter III again, but it won't be the traditional revamp album with just one or two new songs, as HipHopStan reported earlier this week. Wayne is going all out, making the project an entirely different LP.

"I don't know if we're gonna release Tha Carter IV now," he said on his tour bus. "I think we're gonna release Tha Carter III a new Carter III with none of the same songs, though. None of them. Not one! We don't wanna call the [next album] we got coming out Tha Carter IV. That was the dilemma we were in. We want Carter IV to be what everybody wants it to be.

This is something brand-new, so we don't want it to be some experimental thing, 'cause some people are not gonna like this. I don't want them to not like Tha Carter IV. But I do have an album coming soon, very soon, and it's gonna be called ... Tha Carter III: The Rebirth. The birth of a new beginning."

Mixed in with the new material Weezy has been recording will be some of the songs that were supposed to pop on the original 'Tha Carter III', including a duet with Ludacris and possibly all those versions of "A Milli," featuring acts such as Lil Mama, Tyga and Corey Gunz.

"I had a song with [Luda] called 'Eat You Alive' that was supposed to be on [the first] Tha Carter III. That will be on the new Carter III," Wayne told MTV.