Billboard reports Apple and Rides magazine reached out to formulate a co-branding partnership with T-Pain for the new Apple/Hyundai designed car, the Digital Genesis. The companies are preparing a few grass-roots events in promotion of the car, which will include T-Painís music.
Early reports of the Genesis have the Korean auto maker including an abundance of technological advancements in their latest vehicle. The Genesis is equipped with three computers-two Mac mini's and a Macbook Air-as well as an iPod Touch, iPhone and two wireless keyboards that slide out of the rear of the front seats.The base price for the Genesis is $30,000.
Apple and Hyundai will formally announce the launch of the Genesis during an event later in the fall. Event attendees will receive Apple download cards, with which they can use to download tracks from T-Pain and other artists on his Nappy Boy digital label. In addition to their customized version of the Genesis, T-Painís co-manager, Mike Blumstein, says they have created signature T-Pain eyeglasses with Oakley, which will also be released later in the fall. T-Pain's latest