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Poll: Who is the best rapper alive?

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    PCC students have mixed reactions after the original Slim Shady was crowned as the globe’s top MC according to a poll by Vibe Magazine.

    After 920,000 votes were cast, Vibe Magazine fans led Eminem to a towering victory with 69 percent of the votes, despite his lack of album releases since 2004.

    When news hit campus, students expressed different views on the outcome.

    “Eminem hands down deserves this title simply because with each record he pushes himself in a new direction and tries to out do himself. He doesn’t rush out albums like other rappers. He focuses on creating quality content that still resonates with people years later,” said Fabian Corrado, 22, communications.

    Although Eminem shows talent through his music, some argue that the title “greatest rapper alive” might be pushing it too far.

    Nico Asinas, 18-year-old hip-hop dance club vice president, said, “He’s good and unique, but compared to everyone else, he’s not the greatest so far. I’m into old school, but I’d pick Lil Wayne. Sorry to Lil Wayne haters.”

    Michael Tiedge, 21, English, agrees with the vote because, “Eminem attacks when he flows. He says what’s on his mind.”

    But has rapping overall taken a different route than back in the day? Mark Devera, 18, undecided, seems to think so when he said, “Heck no! Eminem’s not the greatest rapper alive. I’m more into old school rap. In my opinion, rappers are played out now. I prefer listening to De La Soul, The Fugees and A Tribe Called Quest.”

    Some might agree with Stephen Peevy, 18, who said, “When it comes to free-styling, he can spit.”

    There are many different categories to configure who the greatest rapper alive is.

    For instance, is it their delivery? Their lyrics? The number of albums sold? Or is it all of those combined into one?

    Miguel Agbayani, 19, political science, said, “I disagree with the vote. Eminem has deep lyrics, but all he raps about is how his life’s messed up. It’s really negative. It seems like rap is either negative or cocky nowadays. My pick would be Immortal Technique. He’s the deepest rapper I’ve ever heard, and I look for meaningful lyrics.”

    Vibe announced that because of the large participation from readers in the poll, they are considering having another one next year.


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    i thought em retired.........
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    I actually did the grid to name the best rapper alive and Em was in the top 4 but Wayne was the winner.
    The finally 2 was Wayne and Jay-Z.
    Wayne right now is everywhere and no one can match what he's done and what he can do.
    People can't really get mad because this decision was not made by VIBE but by the fans who sent in their results.
    To me this is not a big deal but i was shocked when Em was named the best when he's been out of the picture longer than Killa Cam.

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