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Thread: Jae Millz speaks on signing to young money

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    Default Jae Millz speaks on signing to young money

    From street corner battle cat to major label recording artist, New York native Jae Millz can carry any title. You might know him from battle DVDís, Chamillionaireís ďRidin Dirty (NYC Remix)Ē, seen him with Puffy, Steve Rifkindís SRC record label, or from one of his hit singles.

    Either way, if youíve seen Jae then you know the talent. Moving from mixtape superstar to major record label Jae Millz has been making a name for himself for years in hip-hop but even the most talented artists are susceptible to a little bump in the road here and there.

    However, few can bounce back quite like Jae Millz has. After splitting with his label SRC, Jae soon found himself signed to Lil Wayneís Young Money imprint where he is surrounded by talent such as Tyga, Nicki Minaj, and the hottest rapper on the planet himself, Lil Wayne.

    Bringing his own flavor to the label this is sure to be just the push Jae Millz needs to become a household name and a bonafide hip-hop superstar. Sixshot.Comís Jon Michael caught up with Jae Millz to discuss why he left SRC, signing to Young Money, and his relationship with Lil Wayne.

    Sixshot .Com: Last time we spoke you werejust leaving SRC. What caused the split?

    Jae Millz: It was really just a lot of stuff going on man. I didnít really see my project moving. After a while it seemed like my project was just at a complete stand still. Not to say anything bad because Steve is a good dude and there were a lot of people at Universal looking out for me. Things just werenít going accordingly. I sit back and I look at the situation and itís really nothing to be mad at. Iím not the first person that this has happened to.

    At first it was real frustrating. I was seeing other artists that I came in with dropping their projects so I wasnít feeling it at all. I sit back now and I take a different perspective. This is how this business goes. You live and you learn. I had three different release dates and the album never dropped so it was time to move on. I left on good terms with everybody though.

    Sixshot.Com: What were some of the options you explored when you left SRC?

    Jae Millz: Well basically when I left I was just thinking of which direction I was gonna take it. There were a lot of options. I was considering independent or major, just getting distro, you know there was a lot of ways I could have gone. There were a lot of rappers from different regions not even where Iím from that wanted to help. Shout out to T.I., I was gettingí back on the grind too because I felt like I had lost a lot of my fans from the DVDís and the mixtapes and all that.

    I was trying to keep up with the industry **** so much that I kind of fell behind in terms of that. I was so involved with the business that I wasnít puttiní **** out on the street. I put out Zone Out, Season 1. I got a lot of love from that and people were wondering where it came from. I put out ďHolla At A PlayaĒ and I was getting a lot of play on Hot 97 and Power 105 and all the DJís from all over were showiní me a lot of love. I had a nice buzz poppiní but I didnít have no situation so thatís when I hollered at Wayne. Thatís really how things started happening with Wayne. Thatís really what I was doing during that whole little time period. I was getting a lot of love and a lot of interviews and everything started rolliní.

    Sixshot.Com: So how exactly did you sign to Young Money?

    Jae Millz: Wayne and me always had a cool relationship from when I was at Universal and everything. I asked him to drop a verse on the ďHolla At A PlayaĒ remix and he sent it back to me like the next day. We were on the phone one day and I asked him when the next time he was coming out to New York. He didnít know but he asked me what was good so I told him that I was out of my situation and maybe we could do something where we could both make some money. I went to Miami the next day and we had a good conversation and got to the bottom of things and made it happen. Heís gonna over see the situation.

    Sixshot.Com: How does it feel to be in another major situation now?

    Jae Millz: Itís crazy. I get to see a lot of things that people donít. People view Wayne a certain way but heís different. The dude is just all motivation. Iím motivated myself but this dude is insane with it. Seeing Wayne in the studio and what he does in the studio is just crazy. What he did with his album sales and what he did with ďLollipopĒ, he donít see none of that. All he sees is how heís gonna make the next dollar. In his mind all this stuff like him bringing back the record sales, having the hottest singles, being the hottest rapper out, none of it really matters in his mind.

    When heís in the studio all he thinks about is making some more ****. When heís done with one thing then throw another beat on. After doing what heís done and heís got this money coming in and getting so and so for a show that he would be feeliní himself but itís not like that at all. Itís like he donít even realize it. Most cats would be on top of the world but heís real humble with it. All he thinks about is how to get another dollar. Itís a good situation man. Everybody involved in the situation are good people. You got Gudda whoís from New Orleans too and Iím from New York and we all cool.

    Sixshot.Com: How did your fans react when they heard you were signing to Young Money?

    Jae Millz: We had a few crazy haters asking why Iím doiní it and whatnot but most people were feeliní it telliní me that it was a good look and that it was what I needed and all that. How could it ever be a bad situation? Wayne is the hottest rapper out and I thought he was hot before everybody else did. I knew he was hot and then everybody started bugginí when he started puttiní out that **** man. This is a dream come true for my real fans right now. This is a great situation any way you look at it. Gudda is crazy. Nicki Minaj is over there too. We all gettingí on the same joint and whatnot. Itís just crazy. Weíre all busy and weíre all doing our thing but when we get together we make crazy music.

    Sixshot.Com: Other than Nicki Minaj youíre the only other person from New York over there. Is it a different kind of vibe?

    Jae Millz: Nah I mean to be honest with you I like being around people thatís not where Iím from. We talk man. Like Wayne will be showiní me where something happened with Katrina or this used to be somebodyís school and itís crazy to see that. You canít get that experience from somebody in New York. Tyga is from Compton. Wayne is all over the world. You learn different things when youíre around different people. You might have perceptions about New York niggas but when you get around me youíre gonna see that Iím just a regular day-to-day cool nigga. Everything just coincides. I donít feel like an outcast or nothiní like that. Iím just around a bunch of cool niggas. I donít give a **** if theyíre from Alaska, you know what Iím sayiní? Everybody at Young Money is a cool nigga.

    Sixshot.Com: All right so Millz what can we look out for? What are you working on?

    Jae Millz: Right now we just finished recording the Young Money mixtape and Iím not too sure when Wayne is gonna put that out. I think the end of the year. Right now I just been workiní man. I just been recordiní and throwiní **** out in the street. I donít want people to feel lie Iím trying to run and do **** on my own. We about to present this Young money **** to the world. Iím doiní a little tape with Big Mike too, he reached out to me.

    Right now Iím just puttiní out little **** for the people that love Millz but Iím really pushiní that Young Money compilation. So much was involved in this and itís gonna just be crazy. Yaíll donít even gotta worry about the solo album, thatíll come. This compilation **** is crazy and thatís before you add Wayne so imagine it with Wayne. (Laughs) Shout out to Cash Money and Lil Wayne. Shout out to all my niggas in New York, Miami, and Atlanta. Shout out to my niggas in Houston and L.A. I **** with niggas from all over man.

    D-Town hip hop at its finest

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    Default Re: Jae Millz speaks on signing to young money

    yea he got talent...he murdered murder mook...LOL

    Ponder The Question NOT The Answer!

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    Default Re: Jae Millz speaks on signing to young money

    another curren$y situation in the making niggas dont learn dese days

    month afta month afta month afta month afta month

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    Default Re: Jae Millz speaks on signing to young money

    jae millz = a guy who will never get anywhere no matter wh o he is signed to
    Do not bark up this tree,....this tree will fall on you..

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