Lending his support to an anti-gun documentary, Atlanta rapper T.I. took the opportunity to shed some light on his own run in with the law last year.

T.I., who was arrested on multiple weapon possession charges last year, attended the first screening of the short film, titled Walking With Guns, in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday night.

The film sees the rapper visiting numerous New York hospitals to talk to victims of violence.

He also took the time to loosely explain his actions stating, "hindsight is always 20, 20. I think where I went wrong was, I saw all of the crimes being committed over the summer.

All of the guys from New Orleans were coming through the city and having their way with certain people. In addition to that, I had the experience of (Philant Johnson) dying in 2006, and no arrests were made until four months ago.

No rapper has ever gotten killed and the crime has been solved. I can't excuse my actions. All I can do is try to explain them."

T.I. is currently working on 1,000 hours of community service and is facing a one-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to illegal possession of three machine guns and two silencers.