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Thread: Julia Hudson -- Still "Friends" with Murder Suspect

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    Default Julia Hudson -- Still "Friends" with Murder Suspect

    Almost a week after the brutal slayings of her mother, brother, and son, Julia Hudson inexplicably remains friends with estranged husband William Balfour, the "person of interest" in the case -- at least on the Internet.

    Julia Hudson has logged onto her MySpace account numerous times in the last few days -- as recently as today, according to MySpace -- but has yet to remove William Balfour, who goes by "Flex" on MySpace, from her list of friends.

    She has changed her personal photo and replaced written passages on her page, among other things. And as of today, she describes her online mood as "numb."

    what ya'll gotta say about this?
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    Default Re: Julia Hudson -- Still "Friends" with Suspect

    thats crazy

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