Part 1

D-Dot talks Bad Boy's heyday and about why Styles P wasn't on All About the Benjamin's

"Puff felt like styles flow wouldn't excite the record. He felt like Styles flow would bring the record down."

"Money, Power, Respect was Mase's record but Puff was like 'it's too hard for you'."

Part 2

D-Dot goes back 22 years to the Howard University campuses and how it was to be Puffy's classmate. "Puff was in with the freshmen girls. He used to dance be in the middle of the clubs." D-Dot recalls how their union began and his first impression of Notorious BIG "This is the dude? I said to Puff. Then I heard his voice and it was crazy." D-Dot talks about the beat making game back then and how the Bad Boy team packed up to Trinidad to do Biggie's debut album- with six producers- including Puff- competing to make the hottest joints for the album.

Part 3

D-Dot talks about the infamous "producer's protégé" and what things were required of you if you were a "protégé." He talks about discovering Kanye West, managing him and the introduction of "ghost Producing term" and the BREAKUP!!! "I definitely produced a record that I didn't make the beat." He also talks about Positive K's 90's hit "I Got A Man" which he produced but got jacked for. "Puffy one-japed him [Positive K] and dropped him." D-Dot closes with a little reminiscent story of how it was on the road with Biggie Smalls and Puffy when they were on top of the world.

Part 4

D-Dot tell us about the evolution of "the Mad Rapper" and the renegade editor of Blaze Magazine that exposed his identity. "I got in real trouble, locked up and all that." D-Dot also talks about the 50 Cent feature of "How To Rob An Industry Nigga" song that dissed almost everyone in the industry. He says the original included Mariah. "Mariah Carey was on the original. It was 'Mariah and Tommy' instead of 'Mary and Case.' Mariah said if you put that record out you'll never come out." THEN!!!! IT GETS BETTER!!! Old Bad Boy and New Era Bad Boy- Donnie Klang, D-Dot and infamous manager and entertainment industry mogul, Charles Suitt (Lost Boys) join us on the Round Table to talk about the now and then of the ever-growing super empire.

Charles Suitt, Donnie's manager said: "Aubrey's publicist called me on a Sunday." –in regards to Donnie's statements on the Round Table show about her mother and her having fake tits.