A New York hip-hop artist who was beaten by bouncers in July during a Tempe bar fight has filed a lawsuit against the club where the fight took place.

In the suit, Michael Aguilar, who performs under the name "Double-O" as half of the duo Kidz in the Hall, asks that Club Peso, the corporation that owns the Cherry Lounge & Pit on Mill Avenue, pay damages for medical expenses and lost income.

Aguilar suffered a broken eye socket that had to be surgically repaired.

His Phoenix attorney, Albert Flores, expects to ask the court to award Aguilar $500,000 to $1 million.

On July 26, Aguilar and his bandmate Jabari Evans, whose stage name is "Naledge," had finished a show at the Cherry Lounge and Pit, when Aguilar got into a confrontation with a bouncer over a bottle of vodka.

Most of the fight was caught on video by a photographer who had been hired to record the concert.

The video starts with Aguilar pinning one bouncer to the floor in a wrestling hold. Several others pull him off and roll him onto his back. Then, at least five bouncers can be seen holding Aguilar down and repeatedly striking his head with closed fists.

Tempe Police charged Aguilar with misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct.

Reached at home in New York, Aguilar said that he did community service to avoid going to court on the misdemeanor charges. The counts were subsequently dropped.

But Aguilar said that he still suffers from the injuries he incurred that night. He had to have eye surgery and plastic surgery to repair his face, he said.

"There was a plastic plate put in there," he said. "It's definitely not 100 percent."

Flores said Aguilar's medical expenses totaled about $70,000, and that he missed concerts while recovering.

The owners of Club Peso could not be reached for comment. The bouncers, who have not been identified, are named in the suit as "John Does."

Evans and Aguilar met as students at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Their first album, School Was My Hustle, came out in 2006. A second CD, Drivin' Down the Block, came out in May.