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Thread: Nike Air Yeezy (Kanye) - Release Date Confirmed(SO UGLY)

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    Default Nike Air Yeezy (Kanye) - Release Date Confirmed(SO UGLY)

    Continuing the coverage on the Nike Air Yeezy (Kanye), we finally have a concrete release date from the man himself. Pictures of the Nike Air Yeezy (Kanye) have been floating around the net since the 2008 Grammy Awards. We have already seen Kayne rocking numerous different color-ways. The sneaker is suppose to be a non-profit shoe which means Kanye West will not be profiting from the sales. It has also been stated that the Air Yeezy’s will be extremely limited and hard to find. Kayne states on his blog that the first Nike Air Yeezy (Kanye) will hit stores in March 2009 along with other products he has been working on. Thank you Kanye for finally confirming the dates! Here is what he told us:

    I’m gonna start releasing some of the pieces online starting in January. The jacket from the AMA’s, the Warrior hood that I wore at the Dior show and this one here. I actually designed this one and the jacket from the AMA’s less than 3 weeks ago! I’m really happy with them! Sidebar: The Louis Sneakers are coming out REEEEETARDED and the Yeezy’s drop in march. Sorry for the wait. I swear to you guys all I do is work on design when I get off stage. I want to and will be the real thing. I will not just be a “celebrity designer.” **** has to be good!!! Another shout out to the Kids from the lines Public School and Sandinista, my personal 2 favorites this month , you got busy! Today is a great day, I’m in Amsterdam at a really dope hotel overlooking the river. I got some sleep on the plane so I should have my voice back a bit better. Whoever saw the promo I was doing this week could tell I was beat and my voice was dead but I still had to get up there and do my job. All the controversy aside, life is great. I’ve already started conceptualizing a tour idea for next summer. I want to do it in the round (perform in the middle of the arena). Ok, gotta bounce, more press to do. - Kanye West

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    Default Re: Nike Air Yeezy (Kanye) - Release Date Confirmed(SO UGLY)

    UGLY hopefully he has better things that he is putting out
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    Default Re: Nike Air Yeezy (Kanye) - Release Date Confirmed(SO UGLY)

    they are as ugly as he is...but the money he will make is
    "One hand full of ****... does not equal a fist full of dollars!" -50 Cent

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