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Thread: Diddy Clairifies I Am King Billboard

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    Default Diddy Clairifies I Am King Billboard

    Sean "Diddy" Combs has already established himself as an icon in the Hip Hop world. In recent years, he has taken his brand and made it a recognizable symbol in New York's Time Square. His advertisement, one that showed the mogul posing with a fist in the air, became a well-known image amongst the bright lights. Now, he has replaced this ad with another one as he has unveiled his latest fragrance, I Am King.
    Diddy has released a statement, acknowledging that while the ad's tag line may appear to be a sign of arrogance, it is actually more about empowering others.
    "I am really proud of the new billboard and of the message that it conveys to everyone who gets to see it. I Am King is not just about me, but every man. We are all descendants of kings. And if all men believe in that, we can accomplish anything. This image pays tribute to that belief, that ideal."
    The new ad will also go up in Los Angeles' famed Sunset Boulevard and in Miami. The fragrance will be sold exclusively at Macy's and will hit stores this December. It will hit other department stores in February of 2009.

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    what was classified? ...did i miss it?
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