Barker just released his remix of the song which he produced and played on before September's tragic plane crash, which critically injured him and DJ AM, and killed four others. The remix debuted on Los Angeles DJ Skee's radio show earlier this week and has since been blasted out all over the Internet, MTV reports.

"I was attracted to the simplicity of the track," Barker told MTV News exclusively Thursday night. "It left so much for me to do to it. The original was already jamming, so I felt blessed they let me flip it. I remix whatever catches my ear and lends itself to getting a makeover."

Barker's favorite lyric from the song? That's obvious. "Haters be like, 'Hov while you still talking money sh--?' / 'Cause I like money, bi---!"

On the remix, Barker replaces song-producer Kanye West's initial synth backdrop with rock-and-roll drums and guitars. DJ AM went on tour with Jay-Z in October, and the former Blink-182 member said he hopes he can work with Jigga on new material too.

"I'd love to have him on my record or get in a studio together and let our brains mesh on some crazy sh--," he explained with excitement. "I love Hov."