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Thread: 50 Cent: I'll Always Be Down With Em

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    Default 50 Cent: I'll Always Be Down With Em

    As the February 4 release date of his Before I Self Destruct nears, the possibility of 50 Cent leaving the Shady/Aftermath/Interscope fold is becoming more of a reality. Still, even if his business relationship with Eminem comes to a halt with failed renegotiations, Fif said Curtis Jackson and Marshall Mathers will always be friends.

    "I'm a loyal person. I'll always be down with Em, regardless to what the scenario is," 50 explained recently in London while talking to MTV. "My album requirements will actually be done, and it'll be time to renegotiate. So if things work out, I'll end up staying with Em and Aftermath/Interscope. If the negotiation doesn't go right, then I'll go elsewhere. It won't change our relationship, because Em's so rich it doesn't matter. That's why he'll just take off for two or three years, and you don't hear nothing or see nothing from him and then he comes back, because he can afford to do that."

    At the end of his video for "Get Up," 50 pays tribute to Em and Dr. Dre, showing their images in the lab coats from the "In Da Club" clip. The two were supposed to be frozen in the futuristic clip.

    "The actual music video [for 'Get Up'] took place within the same place I started, and it actually makes perfect sense for my album to release at the time period it's going to release," he explained. "If you remember correctly, I released Get Rich Or Die Tryin' in February 2003, and [Before I Self Destruct] is actually my final album requirement, so I'm finishing exactly where I started. The music video was me going back to the very beginning again and back to the things that people appreciate me for initially. I was able to capture things from a perspective that they could embrace from me, because they knew that I actually had prior experiences going through different portions of my actual life. So I went back to some of the things that I've experienced that haven't been so pleasurable." ...
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    Default Re: 50 Cent: I'll Always Be Down With Em

    Thats because eminem owns his ass
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