Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is no longer just your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. In fact, considering the way he's been carrying around a guitar lately, you could be forgiven for wondering if he event wants to be a rapper anymore. But the fact remains that for 12 long months, no one dominated hip-hop like Wayne did. No one sold more records, generated more headlines or appeared on as many tracks. No one flooded the market with as much product, and in a genre loaded with compelling characters no one was as mercurial, controversial, hilarious and, well, bizarre as Weezy was, according to MTV news.

Not to mention, when you move 1 million copies of an album in one week, it's pretty safe to say you've crossed over to the mainstream. Wayne most definitely was hip-hop in 2008, but he was pop culture too.

So considering all that and after sifting through a year's worth of headlines, videos and reader comments MTV News decided to crown Lil Wayne, Man of the Year.
They should gave that to Tip...he stole all the shine once he got released....

"World hopped off my jock, I got 'em right back on it
Ohh! Step back, brush myself off
Picked business back up right where I left off " - Tip