Los Angeles, CA. (CNS) - Lots of rap songs have been leaked lately. Coincidentally, a lot of the songs have rapper Dr. Dre's involvement.

However, Dre is reportedly not pleased that yet another song of his, "Could Have Been You" from his Detox recording sessions with other artists, has been leaked. Leaked on January 7, the song features R. Kelly, 50 Cent and an upcoming Aftermath artist, Bishop Lamont. Dr. Dre's label, Interscope, has not commented. A source close to the rapper told MTV.COM that the legendary producer wanted the song to be on the album Detox.

Dre is reportedly very angry that the song was leaked so early because it wasn't mixed and mastered to his liking. Several of the websites that posted the song Wednesday have since taken it down, however.

As reported by Celebrity News Service, a Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and Eminem track called "Crack a Bottle" was leaked on Monday, January 5. There still has not been a comment issued on if that song will be on any of the artists' upcoming albums.