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Thread: Jermaine Dupri Responds To Def Jam

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    Exclamation Jermaine Dupri Responds To Def Jam

    "Life ain't over for me"- Jermaine Dupri


    "Island Def Jam Records] is going to say what makes them look good. They are not going to tell the truth and say, ďHe just stopped dealing with us on a daily basis.Ē If you donít put out my records, thatís all I have as a person. Iím a record person, so if I give you a record and you donít put it out, then basically youíre showing me that itís really no business. I never got a chance to put the records out. I had Johnta Austin, Ninth Ward and Dondria. I read the blogs and Iím thinking, How can they say that Iím not putting out records when anyone who knows my track record knows Iím about making music?

    My biggest problem is that Iím still the youngest president to have this kind of success. Music is my life. Iím a person who continues to carve out my own way. Instead of watching things happen, I make them happen. If L.A. [Reid] gets fired at Def Jam (heís 20 years older than me) where is he going to go? Many of the people at the label; if their bosses were to fire them today, they donít have anything else to do. Their lives are over. Iím not that dude. Life ainít over for me.Ē
    "One hand full of ****... does not equal a fist full of dollars!" -50 Cent

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    Default Re: Jermaine Dupri Responds To Def Jam

    who was on soso def anyway?

    D-Town hip hop at its finest

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