As to the meaning behind the album title, the Harlem MC says it describes his persona perfectly. “It’s called Crime Pays because I feel that I am the living story of crime pays,” he explained to XXL.

Hoping to play catch up with fans, Cam says the new disc will offer more than enough new material to make up for lost time. “I have about 40 songs,” he said of the amount of tracks he has already recorded. “I’m just trying to pick the 20, 22, 23 songs that I’m a use to put on the album.”

“The CD has 80 minutes on it so you know a lot of times people don’t really know that they put 12, 13, 14 songs and there is still 30 minutes left,” he continued. “So I’m trying to just fill it all the way up, being that I haven’t been out in so long.”

Killa plans on staying in the family this go around, as far as appearances are concerned. “You know I don’t like to do too many guest appearances, probably just anybody that’s in-house most of the time,” he revealed. “You know just people that are in house, Harlem people that are in my circle. Nothing major as far as appearances are concerned.”

Crime Pays is slated to hit stores in April via Asylum Records.

As previously reported Cam is featured on the new cover of XXL magazine’s upcoming April issue, coming out on Feb. 24th. The cover story includes the rapper finally speaking on his enigmatic hiatus, Diplomats ownership, being an alleged “paper gangster” and the root of his rifts with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, among other things.