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Thread: R.Kelly Sued For $300K Child Pornography Debt

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    Default R.Kelly Sued For $300K Child Pornography Debt

    R.Kelly Sued For $300K Child Pornography Debt

    R.Kelly has been sued by a Kansas City private investigator who claimed he was not paid for his services during the singer's child pornography case.

    The lawsuit was filed last Friday (February 27) in federal court.

    Kelly is being sued by a private investigator who claims the singer stiffed him on a $300,000 bill. According to a lawsuit filed last week in Missouri federal court, Charles Freeman claims he was hired during Kelly's trial to "obtain and/or recover certain tapes that were said to incriminate" R. Kelly. Freeman said he did the job, but never got paid. He's suing for damages plus interests and costs. (TMZ)

    Freeman claims an agreement was drawn together at the start of the investigation.

    In the suit, Freeman claims that he entered into an agreement in 2001 with R. Kelly and manager Daryl McDavid to "act as a private investigator" and retrieve "tapes" relevant to R. Kelly's then-upcoming child-pornography trial. R. Kelly was accused of 21 counts of child pornography. The trial, which was delayed until 2008, centered on a tape that allegedly showed R. Kelly having sex with a 14-year-old girl. (Kansas City Pitch)

    Freeman was an active figure in Kelly's case and was also accused of creating a staged sex tape against Kelly.

    It was reported that two Kansas City men allegedly paid by R. Kelly's representatives for the return of a sex tape, would arrive in Chicago to offer more information about the tape at the center of the case. Keith Murell and Charles Freeman were accused by Kelly's reps of faking a sex tape and trying to exort money from the singer. Records show in 2002 Freeman sued Kelly for failing to pay him $140,000 for the return of a videotape. (Windy Citizen)

    Kells was eventually cleared of all charges in June 2008.

    It took more than six years for prosecutors to get the R&B star R. Kelly into court on charges of child pornography. It only took a few hours for a jury to declare him not guilty on all 14 counts. (New York Times)

    Source: Sohh

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    Default Re: R.Kelly Sued For $300K Child Pornography Debt

    wow he can never get out of this mess

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    Default Re: R.Kelly Sued For $300K Child Pornography Debt

    I hope kells is laughing at this fool...Now he wanna sue and he shoul dhad got his money up front!!!...can you say scam!!..

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