Tupac x Live 2 Tell. When Tupac Shakur was serving prison time way back in 1995 on sexual assault charges he wrote an entire film screenplay called Live 2 Tell. Rumors of this screenplay being turned into a feature film have been floating around since 2007….and contrary to popular belief, Live 2 Tell is not the recently publicized Tupac biopic that his mother is currently in a court battle over.

Live 2 Tell is actually a completely original screenplay written by Tupac and is centered around a drug kingpin trying to get out of the game. The script had been circulating Hollywood since 2005 and shopped around directly by Tupac’s mother who has executive producer credit. The movie rights currently are held with Insomnia Productions which produced the hit HBO series “Rome” and is slated for a VERY tentative 2010 release. Official synopsis as follows:

A charismatic young man at the dawn of adulthood spirals down the wrong path in life and is brought into the underworld by his once trusted mentor, only to become one of the most powerful and feared kingpins in the city. Eventually his conscience gets the better of him and he is driven to self redemption in life… and love.
Yeti says: Considering this movie has been stuck in development hell for the past couple of years, no director or studio is attached, and Afeni Shakur is now concentrating more than ever on bringing her son’s biopic back to life, it will be no surprise if Live 2 Tell never makes it to the big screen.