Former Cash Money artist and current Chopper City Records Co-Ceo B.G., whom has not released a solo album since March 2006 when he released his final Koch Entertainment solo album, “The Heart Of Tha Streetz Vol. 2,” provided new details on his long awaited Atlantic Records debut album “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood.” Via conference call, B.G. stated the following about the release date for his new album.

“I’ve been working on my new album, “Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood.” It’ll be released this summer. I don’t have the official release date but it’s going to be either June or July. I have the new single I’m working right now called “Keep It 100” featuring Magnolia Chop. “

The Chopper City representative also announced that there will be a remix for “Keep It 100” which is currently being crafted. While not revealing too much information, he did state that Young Jeezy would be a part of the remix. Also, the video for the original version of “Keep It 100” is set to be shot soon and will be released within the next few months.

B.G. also went into more detail about guest appearances and producers for his 11th solo album.

“I got T.I. on the album, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Maino, Plies, and C-Murder. I have some unreleased **** from me and Soulja Slim that’s gonna’ be on the album” he stated. “I got production from Mannie Fresh, Cool & Dre, Scott Storch and the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.”

B.G. has been in the game for over 15 years now and “Too Hood 2 Hollywood” is looking to be a celebration of his success, and the longevity of his career.

“This is my 11th solo album. That ain’t even including none of the Hot Boyz album’s; if you count those, this is gonna’ be my 14th album. I can’t even count all the mixtapes I done did. This is my first album back in the majors since I left Cash Money. I left Cash Money on a platinum album and I went to KOCH and did my thing real big. I’m back on the majors now.”

B.G. also went to clarify the confusion that fans have had regarding his current label situation and what exactly is his relationship with Grand Hustle.

“I’m signed to Chopper City Records. I got Chopper City Records signed to Atlantic Records. I have T.I. executive producing the album. I have another deal for my Chopper City Boyz and I just put there album out a few months ago through Asylum. I got Chopper City open where I can run it through a few different companies and I have a few up and coming acts. “

Re-iterating the fact that he is NOT signed to T.I. and Grand Hustle, B.G. went into a little more detail on his relationship with T.I. and how he made the move over to Atlantic Records.

“T.I. is executing producing the album with me but I’m not signed to Grand Hustle; I’m signed to Chopper City Records and Chopper City is signed to Atlantic. T.I. convinced me to come to Atlantic. We wanted to make it happen, and we went to the table and put together a sweet deal. A lot of people think I’m signed to Grand Hustle, but I’m not – I’m most definitely affiliated with Grand Hustle because that’s my extended family, but I’m Chopper City to the bone.”

He also answered more lingering questions that fans have had about a Hot Boyz reunion and the rumors of a new album.

“I’m working on that Hot Boyz reunion album. We’re still working on the logistics and the paper work on it.”

When asked if the original structure of the group is going to remain in place, B.G. had the following to say:

“It’s gonna be all the original members – it’s gonna be me, Lil Wayne, Juvenile – Turk is supposed to be coming home March 16th. Hopefully the laws stay the same, Turk is coming home March 16th and all four of us will be back together. We’ve started the process and we’re just waiting for Turk to come home. We’re gonna do it regardless because the streets keep asking for it. The world wants it.”

As of now there is no official release date, but B.G. talked about the process of setting up a before-the-album project, in the form of a soundtrack album.

“Wayne made the deal; he came to us. He had a deal for a soundtrack, and he wanted to make it a Hot Boyz soundtrack. He reached out to me and Juvenile and was like “man I want y’all to **** with me on this soundtrack deal that I got” and it’s gonna’ be the album before the album. Before the reunion album, we’re gonna’ do an album which is inspired by a motion picture.”

Mannie Fresh, the man responsible for all of Cash Money’s early work still remains to be spoken upon highly from B.G. as he has nothing but kind words to say about Mannie Fresh, and his involvement in the Hot Boyz project.

“Mannie Fresh created the Hot Boyz sound; it’s only right that Mannie Fresh gives us that heat. We’re gonna **** with different producers too, but Mannie Fresh most definitely has the first shot at bringing us back that old element and take us to the next level. The first producer I worked with in my career was Mannie Fresh. The first seven albums of my career were with Mannie Fresh. He groomed me. He had a sound for me, he had a sound for Juvenile, he had a sound for Wayne, he had a sound for the Hot Boyz and he had a sound for the Big Tymers. Mannie Fresh is incredible. Mannie Fresh is one of the best producers that ever did it to me. He made me a platinum artist.”

Even though B.G. and his former Co-CEO Baby fell out over money issues, B.G. spoke about his current relationship with Baby. He mentioned that Baby is currently working on a new solo album and that he will be a part of that project. Baby is also supposed to be on the before mentioned “Keep It 100 Remix.