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Thread: Beef Revisited Vol. 1 D-Block vs. Rocafella

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    Default Beef Revisited Vol. 1 D-Block vs. Rocafella

    If you were asked in 1994 who ran rap, you were likely to say Nas. The whole rap world stopped for Nas’ Illmatic, which would become the ideal standard for a solo album; however, Biggie’s debut Ready 2 Die ended up selling more, and he took the spotlight. Source later named him King of New York.

    After the Notorious B.I.G.’s death 3 years later, rappers and fans were in mourning; Nas and Big protégé Jay-Z united with the LOX (a group of Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch then signed to Bad Boy that Biggie had taken under his wing) and promoted Big’s memory. Though Jay never did a song with Nas, he appeared with the LOX a couple of times, including on his breakthrough 3rd LP Vol. 2: Hard Knock Life with Beanie Sigel and Sauce Money on "Reservoir Dogs."

    The static started in 1999, when Nas and Memphis Bleek got into it over some subliminals. Bleek spit, “I wanna ball till I fall/Whatchu think about that?” which Nas flipped into: “You wanna ball till you fall? I could help you wit that/you want beef, let a slug melt in ya cap.” More dissing followed until Jay stepped in. He and Nas traded songs and freestyles including “Superugly”, “Got Ur Self a Gun,” “Stillmatic,” “U Wanna Be Me,” "European Jay," “Ether” and “The Takeover.” Jigga’s protégés Beanie Sigel and Freeway were also involved, as were the Young Gunz and the Diplomats.

    During this, Jadakiss made remarks about the rap scene of Philly, hometown to Sigel. Saying that many Philadelphia MC’s sound like him, he indirectly prompted Sigel to attack him. As a result Jay-Z also got involved, as well as the other two LOX members. Beans put an end to the beef with “Knock Yourself Out (Remix),” over the beat to Jada’s song “Knock Yourself Out.” Russel Simmons was also claimed to have made them squash the beef, only to have Beanie brag about how he won, after which Kiss went at him again.

    Just before B Mack went to jail, he and Jada showed they truly squashed the beef when they performed their verses to “Reservoir Dogs” together onstage. Later on Kiss and Jay both showed respect for each other.

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    Revist This Beef And Discuss...Who was Your winner back then

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    Default Re: Beef Revisited Vol. 1 D-Block vs. Rocafella

    Styles won this battle singlehandlely for his click with the "How the **** u the Roc when your leader is soft?" line....D Block and Ruff Ryders by extension made Roc A Fella look soft with that line and DMX going hard at Jay Z with the "I only gave u the crown to shoot off your fuckin head" line off that Jada song where Jada also dissed Beans....with Jada signing to Roc a Fella later on, Roc a Fella won the war
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    Default Re: Beef Revisited Vol. 1 D-Block vs. Rocafella

    Once i heard the line " Im about to Sun-Kiss" like a soda and " We can bet what you owe Puff, and double your debt".......

    BEANS and the ROC automatically won
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