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Thread: Gunplay Murdock Of Triple C's Gets Exposed As A B*tch, Internet Gangster, Drug Head, and A Pu$$y

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    Default Gunplay Murdock Of Triple C's Gets Exposed As A B*tch, Internet Gangster, Drug Head, and A Pu$$y

    Ozone Magazine Interview

    When it came time for our annual drug issue, one name came to mind: Gunplay of the Carol City Cartel. We caught up with Rick Ross’s hype man/”underboss” at the Miami airport after a close call in Customs, returning from Jamaica with some precious cargo.

    What’s the difference between Miami weed and Jamaican weed?
    The weed in Miami is expensive, like $800 an ounce. It looks real good and smells real good, but it only gets you high for fifteen minutes. But when you go to Jamaica, they grow it out of the sand, the black dirt, with the yellow sun and the blue water, the **** is the same as kush but with seeds. It’ll get you high for five hours instead of fifteen minutes, and it’s way cheaper. $40 will get you an ounce of that good sticky in Jamaica that breaks down just like kush. When you smoke it you can taste it. Jamaica has natural kush.

    How does it compare to California weed and other places you’ve been?

    Cali weed is good too, but all that stuff is chemically grown so it’s only gonna give you the chemical high for fifteen minutes. We’ll run through $2,000 easy in two or three days out there [in California]. Jamaica has the best weed. Jamaican weed is so good I almost went to prison bringing this back right now. Customs almost searched my whole life.

    Wait a minute. Customs just pulled you aside at the airport bringing weed back from Jamaica? How did you not get busted?

    They were sweating me extra hard but I’ve got God on my side. If I was a ***** nigga that had never really been through nothin’, I woulda been sweating. I would’ve been nervous. But I’ve been through a lot worse than a couple joints of Jamaican weed. I just stood there [in customs] and played it like a G and got up outta there with my good stuff. I brought kush to Jamaica and now I’m bringing Jamaica to Miami. Ain’t that some ****?

    How many times have you been arrested for drug-related offenses?
    I’ve been arrested one, two, three, four… about six or seven times. I just got arrested in Detroit last year, in August. I’ve got a warrant up there now. I was in the airport coming through with some kush and they picked me up. I never took care of it so now I’ve got a warrant. (laughs)

    Would you consider yourself a drug user, or a drug dealer? Do you make money off it?

    No, I’m not a user. I’m an abuser.

    An abuser? Sounds like you don’t take it seriously.
    Nope. I don’t take it seriously. Some people have a problem. Some people let drugs use them; I use drugs. I don’t sit there and say, “I need a line of coke or a pill or I can’t do nothing.” I need my weed now or I can’t do **** or I’ma snap on anybody three feet near me, but I don’t take it to that extreme where I can’t handle my business. If I don’t handle my business I can’t get high. My business and my family are first and foremost, then after I do all that, I get as high as a kite. I’ll snort an eight-ball; I’ll pop five pills; I’ll sip two or three ounces of syrup; I’ll pop two or three Xanax bars.

    How much money do you spend during an average week on drugs?
    Don’t tell [Rick] Ross, but on an average week I spend about $500 to $600 on weed, coke, pills, and Percs. When I had money to spare I was spending $1,500 a week. Right now I’m down to $500 ‘cause I’m trying to reserve myself, but at the height of my escapades it was $1,500 a week, no pressure.

    How do you think you’re able to “use drugs” without letting them “use you”?
    At an early age I saw what drugs do to you. My aunt used to be on bricks bad, that’s crack-cocaine. She was freebasing real bad when I was six years old. I saw what overdoing it will do to you. I just made a promise within myself not to go that far, not to ever let it mess up my family, my money, my mind, you know? That’s recreation. I like to do it when I know I don’t have anything to do or when I know it’s time to vibe. People like to see me vibe and when I vibe, I’m usually on four or five different drugs. If I can get paid and do that at the same time, I’m getting off scot-free. I feel like I’m stealing.

    When you were six years old and your aunt was doing crack-cocaine, what are your earliest memories of seeing the drug’s effects?

    My aunt used to have this pink nightgown and she would lay down on the sofa. She’s like 240 [pounds] now but back then she was about 89 pounds, and she’s a very tall lady. Imagine a 6’2”, 89 pound lady laying on the couch in a pink nightgown that was so old, the material was so thin, it was almost see-through. The material is so thin it’s falling in between her ribcage. I came in the house and when I saw her, I thought she was dead. I said, “Aunt Ruthie, wake up, somebody’s at the door.” I looked at her chest and it wasn’t even rising up and down. It just messed my mind up. I said, “Hell naw, I ain’t never doing that **** [crack].” One time, after a big [domestic] fight, my mother went real bad on me. She said, “Don’t you ever do drugs!” She was screaming and crying and slapping me.

    How does your mother feel about your drug use now?
    She doesn’t like it but she knows that I’m a smart guy and I know what I’m doing and I handle my business. She doesn’t like it at all. I done came home plenty of times and parked my car halfway on the front porch. My mom had to help me out the car ‘cause I couldn’t drive anymore and I was screaming, “We the best!” and being all happy. She’s like, “You’re too drunk,” and I’m like, “Naw, I’m too successful.” When good stuff happens to me and I overcome a hump in my life, that’s a reason for me to go out, celebrate, and do six drugs.

    What’s been your worst experience from doing drugs?
    Usually I take four or five pills. One time, I took just one pill and I swear I thought I was gonna die. I had my homeboy drop me at the hospital and drive off ‘cause I really thought I was gonna die. I didn’t want him to go to prison so I told him to just drop me off at the emergency room and keep going. I took one pill from one of my homeboys and I didn’t look at it or nothing; I just popped it and the next thing you know I felt like I was gonna die. I felt like one of these people that’s on TV, like how they be shaking and **** when they overdose on ecstasy and synthetic pills. They stripped me down to my boxers and left my chain on. So I got my boxers and my chain on and that’s it. I was sweating, drinking water, shaking, and I kinda dozed off. I felt somebody lift up my chain and I grabbed that nurse – a male nurse – I grabbed him by his wrist and his neck at the same time and boom! The head nurse lady said, “Don’t you ever touch one of my employees again or I’m gonna send you to prison!” I thought he was gonna steal my chain and I got sober instantly. I was damn near in a coma but I felt that muthafucka touch my chain and it was going down.

    How old were you when you started experimenting with drugs?
    I started smoking weed at 12 years old, in seventh grade, when I was in drop-out prevention. I think that’s how I got in drop-out prevention ‘cause I started smoking weed. I started snorting coke at 15 in the summer of ’94.

    Why did you decide to start using cocaine?
    I always had a lot of it [for sale]. I used to serve this one baser all night, outta my mama’s house. I would walk down to the corner store and serve him 40’s all night. He would buy four 40’s a night, every night. That’s when all my niggas was serving lil’ nickel bags of weed and **** and I was sitting here serving 40’s of coke and getting money. One day his eyes were real wide and he walked up to me when he was buying that 40 and said, “Yo, you ever did this ****?” I said, “Naw, man.” He said, “Don’t you ever do this ****, dawg. This **** is the devil.” In my mind, I know crack is the devil. [But] I know rich dudes that maintain in life and still do coke. So I’m like, “Well, you’re just a baser.” One day, I was in my room drunk and I had a bunch of [cocaine] in there. I was with a couple of my older homeboys, my older chicos that usually had all the work. They were breaking it down. One night I snorted about two or three lines, and six hours later after about the eighteenth conversation, I just noticed, holy ****, I’m higher than a muthafucka. I’m speedin’ right now. I can’t stop talking. I can’t stop moving. This is the best **** God ever created.

    Do you still think cocaine is the best **** God ever created?
    Yeah. I mean, naw. I think weed is the best **** God ever created.

    Um… okay. You’re sounding like a drug advocate right now. Are you advocating cocaine use?
    Oh, I love cocaine. Let me tell you what cocaine does to me. When I’m on pills, they get me high. It’s an upper and a downer at the same time. When I’m on syrup and Xanax bars, that’s a downer. When I’m on weed and Hennessy, that’s a downer. But when I toot-toot on that white bitch - no offense, JB - it evens everything out. I feel like I’m down but I can function. I can talk; I’m not slurring. I can drive right. It’s a balance for everything.

    Which drugs do you think the government should legalize?

    They need to legalize weed. That’s it, ‘cause everything else is gonna have everybody trippin’. Not everybody can snort coke and be normal and function. Certain muthafuckas can do that, but you gotta be responsible for the other muthafuckas that can’t do that. [Some people] snort white and wanna go shoot up some **** for no reason. I do that too, but I’m gonna shoot up some **** for a reason.

    When’s the last time you snorted cocaine?

    Right before I left for Jamaica. I got high to stay awake ‘cause I had a flight early in the morning. I snorted an eight-ball real quick and stayed up all night. I can’t do no less than an eight-ball. I need 3.5 grams. I can’t do nothing less than that or I’m gonna be upset.

    When you hear about other artists or famous people that have overdosed on cocaine or died from syrup, does that scare you?
    Naw, ‘cause I feel like that’s God’s plan. If that’s the way I gotta go out, that’s the way he’s gonna let me go out. Just like with motorcycles. I wanna buy a bike right now; I’ve never rode one in my life but I’m gonna buy one and I’m gonna do 200 on the highway at four in the morning on a Wednesday when nobody’s on it. If it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go. I could be sitting right here in this truck talking to you and a nigga I robbed three years ago could run up on the truck and blow my brains out. Either way, I’m not scared of that. I am the original overdoser. I overdose on life.

    Did your aunt gain weight because she kicked the crack-cocaine habit?
    Yeah. She kicked the habit because the doctors gave her a bunch of different drugs; they gave her more legal drugs to get off the illegal drugs and it fucked up her whole brain. Now she has the mental capacity of a 13-year-old, and she’s 48 years old. But I still love her to death.

    So if you’ve been spending $1,500 a week on drugs since 15, that’s a lot of money. How much money do you think you’ve spent on drugs in your lifetime?
    ****! A house. I’m 26 now. But nah, I’ve only been spending money like that since 2006 when we got the [record] deal and I started making a bunch of money.

    What happens if, God forbid, your music career ends and the money stops coming in?
    I’d have to wind off that ****, because I won’t be able to buy it. I’ve got so many friends in high places that they’re just gonna give it to me, but I would just have to stop doing it, period. I’m not gonna rob nobody for it, and I ain’t finna steal for it. I ain’t a slave to it. I do drugs, I don’t let ‘em do me. My willpower is so strong. The only thing I have a problem with is weed. In the morning I have to have a joint or I’m snapping on everybody.

    Is drug use a common theme throughout your music?
    Yeah. We’re about to flood the industry with Triple C’s, Carol City Cartel, Black Flag Music. Drugs are a big part of my life so I talk about it a lot. I got a freestyle talking about the After Hours; that’s where I be at. I come out at 4:30 in the morning and that’s when I start my night. I go to the titty bar for about an hour, and then I go to the After Hours. I’m a king in there. Everybody knows, there goes Gunplay, make sure he got his rice and beans. Rice and beans is coke and pills. That’s the first two [drugs] I need when I go out.

    Have you ever tried going out sober?
    Yeah, and it’s not that much fun. It was boring.

    If you hadn’t been exposed to so much drug use as a child through your family, do you think you would’ve ended up trying them?
    That’s a good question. I have no idea. I think I woulda probably tried it because I’ve always rolled with the punches. If I didn’t know that crack did that to you, I probably would be more susceptible to smokin’ that ****. I saw that **** early, so it’s something in the back of my subconscious that will not let me do it. I don’t have no experimental urge to do it.

    Are there any other drugs that scare you?
    The most I ever did that was over the limit - and I’ll never do it again - is coke and heroin. Speedballin’. I was with a white bitch one time and my coke was done, and she had some [coke] but I didn’t know that she had mixed with with boy [heroin]. It looked kinda grayish brown, but you’ll find that sometimes if your coke is cut. I snorted it up and instantly I felt like I was on ecstasy. I was like, “Damn, this is some fire-ass coke.” After the fifth or sixth line she says, “Oh. You’re snorting outta that bag? Oh, baby, no. That’s a speedball.” I’m like, “Oh. Well, how much do you want for the rest of that?” I bought the rest from her and after I finished snorting that ****, it was the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my fucking life. I was The Exorcist in the house. I was projectile puking. I was shooting that bitch so far. Never again. Once that happened, I decided I ain’t fuckin’ around with that **** no more. That was the craziest drug I ever did. It’s called speedball, boy and girl mixed, and you can either vein it or nose it. I was straight nosing it ‘cause I don’t **** with my veins.

    So you’re promising, in print, that you’ll never try crack?
    I ain’t never gonna say never, but I ain’t never gonna try hard and I ain’t never gonna do no boy. That’s not my drug of choice. I’m gonna let the fans know a secret. I heard about meth. They say that if you snort a match tip of crystal meth you’ll be high for six hours. I hope nobody brings that **** in front of me, ‘cause a six-hour high off a match tip, oh boy! But that’s kinda borderline crack. When I see meth [addicts], you can’t tell if they’re on crack or meth. I don’t think I’d ever do that.

    Have any of your friends told you that you need to chill out?

    Oh, yeah. If it wasn’t for [Carol City Cartel’s] Geter K, Torch, and Rick Ross, I would be lost. It was messing up my business. At one point when we got the deal and all this money, I couldn’t differentiate business from pleasure. On business time, I was still high. Remember when we did the OZONE cover [photo shoot]? I was on so much dope then and I wasn’t supposed to be ‘cause it’s business hours. You can’t do that.

    So they had a little intervention for you?

    Not really. They just said, “You’re shooting yourself in the foot. Stop.” They didn’t have to tie me up and send me to a shrink or no bullshit like that. All they told me was, “Listen, you’re not only fucking yourself up, you’re fucking up the crew. You’re fucking up our money also. You’re fucking up Rick Ross’ money.” After that intervention, I was like, wow, I’d die for my niggas. I would never hurt any of my niggas physically, financially, mentally. Once they told me that, I thought about their kids. I thought about Ross’ son, Geter K’s son, Torch’s son, my son and that clicked in my head: You’re tripping. You’re about to not get a check and you’re a pivotal point in this crew. I’m the underboss, man.

    How old is your son?
    My son is 3 and a half and gorgeous. He stays with his mom ‘cause I’m too busy and she’s a real good woman and a very good mother, so I trust her all day with him. I don’t worry about him when I’m on the road because when he’s with her or my mom, he’s good. There’s no pressure at all.

    Do you think your drug use affects him?
    I don’t disrespect my son. I don’t get high in front of him. He might smell a lil Newport or Heineken on my breath but that’s about it. [When he gets older] I’m gonna let my son do what he wanna do, but I’m gonna show him firsthand, just like I was shown, what drugs to you. That sticks in your head. I could beat his ass all day, but he’s gotta make his own decisions. I’m gonna show him the real. I’m not gonna shelter him and hide him from stuff like my mother wants me too. I’m gonna show him weed and say, “When you get old enough, if you wanna smoke the ****, it’s cool. Smoke it, don’t let it smoke you.” I’ll smoke weed with my son if he’s a responsible young adult. If he’s headed in the right direction and wants to get high a lil’ bit, do your thing, man. But it’s strictly recreational. Be about your business 25-8 because when you don’t handle your business ain’t nobody gonna give you **** to smoke for free and **** to snort. You gotta buy your ****, and how you gonna buy your **** if you ain’t handling your business? That’s how I do it. Once you handle your business, use it at your discretion. If you a weak-minded muthafucka, that **** is gonna take over you. God bless you. But I’m not a weak-minded muthafucka; I’m strong. I won’t spend my last on it. If it’s either a $20 on coke or $20 in the tank, I’ma put $20 in the tank and then I’ma call my homeboy and say, “Front me $20 of coke.”

    Is there anything else you wanna talk about?

    I wanna plug the After Hours in my city in Miami. Every third Thursday once a month I have a Triple C pill-poppin’ party. It starts at 3:30 in the morning. I walk around the club and whoever I think is on the most drugs and stickin’ – that’s when you on two or three beans and your jaw is locked up and your eyes are wide – if I feel that you’re really high I’ma give you another pill. I just go around the party handing out pills. Every third Thursday of the month the whole city comes out just to get high with me. They love it. Rick Ross’ album Trilla is in stores right now and we got Carol City Cartel’s album coming right behind it and Gun Play’s album Kill Switch. I got a new name – GunPlay is the goon, and Don Logan is the business man. GunPlay is Don Logan.
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