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Thread: Wu-Tang didn't breakup

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    Default Wu-Tang didn't breakup

    Apparently, some people don’t know the definition of the word “forever”, as in the phrase “Wu-tang forever”. And as it would turn out, Ludacris is not familiar with the idea that the Wu-tang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ to F with as evidenced by one of his song entitled Let’s Stay Together. Meth decided to speak up this week to straighten out some of the latest rumors

    Hip-hop star METHOD MAN has blasted rumours his group WU-TANG CLAN have split - reprimanding rap rival LUDACRIS for helping to spread the gossip.
    The How High rapper, real name Clifford Smith, is one of the key members of the Wu-Tang Clan, alongside the likes of RZA, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, GZA and U-God.
    Each member has enjoyed solo success away from the group, who released their last album, 8 Diagrams, in 2007 - their first since the death of Wu-Tang co-founder Ol' Dirty Bastard in 2004.
    The band has not released any new material together since, prompting rumours they have quietly parted ways.
    Ludacris appeared to confirm the news on his song Let's Stay Together, from his latest album Theatre of the Mind, when he rapped: "First Wu-Tang broke up/Now ODB's gone".
    But Method Man has slammed the claims, insisting Wu-Tang Clan are simply on a hiatus.
    He tells the New York Daily News, "We never really split up. People need to stop taking s**t out of context.
    "Even Ludacris, who I respect a lot, kind of upset me with a song he had where he mentioned Wu-Tang broke up. No, we didn't break up! There has never been an official statement that said, 'We're done' or 'I'm out'. (Before a new group album), there's things we've got to take care of first before anybody even starts to discuss that."
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