Chuck, Mikey & Don Cannon put the finishing touches of their upcoming mixtape, Gone Fishin’, which drops this Monday.

Tracklist (for some reason there are 2 track 7s lol)
 01. Introduction to Ice Fishing (prod. Chuck Inglish)
02. Hammer Bros (prod. Chuck Inglish)
03. Champions (prod. 1st Team All State)
04. Gold Links (prod. Chuck Inglish)
05. Cinnamon (prod. Chuck Inglish)
06. Premium Blends f. Shorty K (prod. Mikey Rocks)
07. Stepback (prod. Chuck Inglish)
07. Jump Rope f. Tennille (prod. Don Cannon & Mars)
08. The Last Stretch f. Jahda (prod. Chuck Inglish)
09. The Art of Noise (Interlude)
10. The Light Company (prod. Chuck Inglish)
11. Popcorn (prod. Chuck Inglish)
12. Wise Words from GLC
13. Pennies (The Updated Rosters Remix) f. Special Guests (prod. Chuck Inglish)
14. Broadcasting Live (prod. 1st Team All State)
15. Takin A Break (Interlude) (prod. Don Cannon)
16. Tune Up (prod. Chuck Inglish)
17. Weekend Love (Interlude)
18. Summer Vacations (prod. Don Cannon & Mars)
19. Wise Words from GLC Cont.
20. Knocked Down (prod. 1st Team All State)