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Thread: The Producer of Nas "Ether" New Song!!

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    Default The Producer of Nas "Ether" New Song!!

    Ron Browz got maddd respect for crafting the music to Nas' classic dis record-- one that might perhaps rank as the #1 dis in many peoples' opinion-- known to us all as "Ether." But now, seven years later, the Harlem producer has crafted a (voice box) joint of his own. And in the beginning of the song, entitled "Pop Champagne," he cheesily (if that's a word) calls himself "Ether boy." But if the majority of the listeners (not including those reading this blog) don't know him as the producer of "Ether," then my guess is that they won't really make the connection. And what was the point of mentioning that anyways?

    Not sure of what I think of this song, besides the fact that it's definitely for the clubs. Maybe if I hear it a couple hundred more times. If it gets added to Hot 97's playlist, then that won't be a problem.

    Nice to see Browz decided to reach out to a fellow Harlemite to put some rhymes in the mix. Since Max B. is basically blackballed to the death, I wonder who wrote Jimmy's verse.
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    Default Re: The Producer of Nas "Ether" New Song!!

    dont like it

    D-Town hip hop at its finest

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