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Thread: Mos Def Talks About The State Of Hip Hop And More

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    Lightbulb Mos Def Talks About The State Of Hip Hop And More

    When Mos Def speaks, I suggest you LISTEN! Truthfully, when was the last time Mos Def spoke to the media (well at least as in-depth as his recent XXL interview in the July issue)? Don't worry, I'll wait. Yeah, exactly.

    So when the big homey, Clover Hope ( sat down with Mr. Def for the XXL feature, we knew several things would occur; A.) He'd take the time to inform his advocates why he's not as accessible as his peers, B.) He'd issue an open hand slap to his cohorts about how they present their art, and C.) His political theories (a lane that some people may not agree with).

    But Mos isn't just talking to talk, he's got an album to promote- The Ecstatic. (it hits stores June 30th). So clearly, he's chit chatting for good reason. And since neither you or me can remember the last time we've seen Mos talk to the press, let's dig into the current times- the July Issue of XXL Magazine. Check out Mos' thoughts on being famous, Hip hop, and Bill Maher, below.

    Mos Def on being famous....

    "I keep getting rudely reminded that I'm famous. Maybe I keep denying it. I'm talking right now because it's the time to. There's nothing wrong with taking a pretty picture or getting your face out there. But for a while in hip hop, it started to feel like that was part of the creative process. And if you wasn't doing that, that there was some part of the creative process that you was just neglecting that was vital, and uhh, I just disagree with that."

    Mos Def on the content in hip hop today...

    "They don't care about the people. I don't think they even care that much about themselves. Nobody has to be a holly roller. But you don't have to put poison in the food 'cause it's cost-efficient or 'cause its tasty. This is gonna hurt people. And these are critical times for people."

    Mos Def on Bill Maher's view of poor people having the same gluttonous attitude as the rich....

    "Of course the oppressed wanna be the oppressor. So they can just get some fuc*ing breathing room. 'Sh*t if I was him, I wouldn't be in this position. But that comes from somebody......You aint never been broke! You don't know what its like to worry about how you gonna get food for the day".

    Mos Def on content in hip hop today pt.2...

    "In the United States, it's like a bloodless cultural war. It's harder for real art to get through. They want people to dumb it down. I seen Lil Wayne at Spring Break. All these White girls is singing his songs. It reeks of something that don't feel right. Not 'cause White kids are singing it. It's like, the energy. Like, what is this supposed to be about? Thisaway, thataway? It looks......all about nothing."

    Yeah, it was one of those interviews. Oh but trust, it doesn't stop there. Mos also visited the subjects of Kanye's jagged relationship with the media, the success Flo-Rida's "Round & Round" and his musical absence. Since it's still May, I'm not sure if the July issue is available to the public just yet, so keep your eyes peeled.


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    Default Re: Mos Def Talks About The State Of Hip Hop And More

    good post

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    Default Re: Mos Def Talks About The State Of Hip Hop And More

    damn i wasnt gonna buy that july issue because those silly fruits were on the cover but i'm buying it now
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