"I haven't heard anything about it," Ross said referring to Tia's new tell-all book. "So that kinda speaks for itself...You gonna get out the streets what you put into it. For instance, 50 Cent's very last video game sold 680,000 games the first week. His last one sold 50,000. That may be a 90 percent drop-off. And the video game world is only striving, so that lets you know what his brand is doing at this point. So doing a book with a 50 Cent at this point is like getting a crunk beat from Lil Jon. I got a little one from her, that'll never get crossed. It's entertainment. She get to be an actress and a video model, I'm like one of the only G's that's schooled. We buy the whips online now...It's kinda hard to catch my attention, if you like something and sell a hundred copies, you gotta be No. 1 to be on my radar. And that's what I was trying to motivate 'Curly' to do, but you see how his last single he just leaked."